Headed for Mecca – The Salton Sea

After recruiting fellow burner Niraj (from Nexus camp – burning man) to join me on this mission and a pit stop in Inglewood, we hit the road heading out towards Palm Springs. I  set the satellite navigation to Mecca, a town on the north shore of the lake.  Salvation Mount was on my mind, Bombay Beach and Slab City. Would I be able to find the lone cottonwood trees?

Unfortunately these are the only analogue results which remain. But I will come back to tell of the glorious mountain, the community and the first night soon.

The sunset about 2 hours after our arrival at the shore was the most dramatic sunset I have ever seen. From soft pinks mauve the sky intensified to a blood red blanket spewing fire balls – apocalyptic is one word to describe this intense lake scene.



Learn more about Salvation Army here:






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  1. Friends and family in OC were perlexed by the thought of my visit to the Salton Sea area. Meth heads, and over powering stench of dead fish and alien hunters were mentioned. I had expected such a reaction and it ment I was definately headed in the right direction! A diamond in the rough? The search was not long…..

  2. Apart from old bones and not good in the heat would love to go to burning man.


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