Damaged Dress

 Know this lady, the vulnerable parts, separate compressed feelings. I want to care for the delicate things, acknowledge them. Otherwise its hard to breath.  Don’t wound her with late night fixes.  Isolate with spineless logic,  satisfy with saccharine or deafen her with white noise.


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  1. Your dress is beautiful. Combined with the way you are lying I am reminded of a butterfly.

  2. I’ve had to come back to this post a couple of times to read the image and the words together. Your plea is a strong assertion whilst the image is a metaphor for the way we, me included, use projections to hide behind. The two produce a tension. I hope this isn’t a piece of ‘spineless logic’.

    I am very adept at stating the obvious and if I have, my apologies.

    There is much I could say about the complexities of the two parts, but I have held back as that analysis may not be welcome.

    Paramount is your journey and for me it is a privilege to be allowed to be a witness to this part of it. God, I hope that doesn’t sound patronising; its not meant that way.


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