Inquest? Mystery? unfolding and revealing aspects of self – to self.


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  1. I don’t know if this helps, but I remember it from college.

    Four layers of knowing.

    You have a public aspect which you are happy to share and acknowledge.It will vary from relationship to relationship.

    There are things that family and friends know about you that you are unaware of and you are unlikely to inhabit this domain unless you seek and trust.

    Then there is a secret you. The things you do not share. The things that only are known to you.

    But the risk lays in those things buried and hidden; things about yourself, you hide even from yourself inside your own Pandora’s box. Almost totally inaccessible..

    As you may have gathered I have certificates in Stating the Obvious and suffer with ‘Smart Arse Syndrome.


  2. Hi Esther, Your postings are always awaited with great eagerness. The photos are shot with great taste and perspective and never fail to provoke thought. Thank you. Best wishes, Eric

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