Highway Ticassa at Desert Las Palmas

2 years have past since my life changing incident in Desert Las Palmas, Spain 23/24th August 2010.  In many ways I feel like this is my second birthday to celebrate life and every aspect of the word.


Highway Ticassa

I have changed a great deal and still am. This image was taken above a motel, with the assistance of Bhusan when I returned to visit the site of the accident (Desert Las Palmas). At this time I really was in transition and between states. It was a difficult time for me. I have a lot I could say about this time and this image, and I will during my forthcoming exhibition Feb 2013.


Desert Las Palmas

This image was taken when I re-visited the site of the accident in march this year. 2 years on I just want to say to my family and friends how just much I value there love and support. Still finding my way really – I appreciated you all so much.

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