Radio 3 Interview with Julia Varela

Interview with: Julia Varela Radio3 (Radio Nacional de España)

Julia has asked me for an interview for a show on radio 3 broadcast in Spain. She read about my work and saw related photographs in Spanish magazine, El Duende last February.

Siglo21 (21st Century) is a program of Radio3 ( , one of the channels of Spanish National Broadcasting, Siglo21 is ranked first in terms of audience on Radio3. The

program was born about 15 years ago. Music is featured but we also broadcast reports about art, literature, social issues…The way they do the interviews only includes the voice of the guest.

So I will be preparing my answers to a very interesting set of questions about my photography this week, to be recorded on wednesday.




For more information on the Radio Station Visit





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  1. Thats great, you will have to post a transcription somewhere so we can read it.

  2. Dear Jerry
    Totally, she is going to send me an English version of the transcription so I will keep you posted!

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