In defence of narcissism

Can narcissism may be necessary for our emotional survival?

Mark Vernon wrote a very interesting article addressing this question in the BBC Viewpoint section.

Narcicuss – the boy who fell in love with his own reflection

With a body conscious society, it seems vital and healthy to have self love and acceptance. It is a state of mind that gives a person the confidence to gain the drive to be successful, in both professional and personal capacities. This way of thinking is becoming an ever increasing part of life, with a google search for “Love Yourself First” producing almost 670,000,000 results – a large portion of which were websites dedicated to showing others how to live my this mantra. Such as the site  Finerminds which features articles on how best to find happiness in life, through relationships and personal growth.

See Vernon’s article In defence of narcissism on the BBC this morning:

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