Plastic Arts and Scars

In August I began the first stage of an operation to cover a deep burn scar on my hip. I was concerned about returning to hospital and how I would feel, previously I had vowed never to return. The doctors and not discussed plastic surgery with me so I assumed for some time the scarred areas of my body may always remain this way.

So the doctors managed to cover more than 1/2 of the scar with unmarked skin and I feel slowly that with these modifications I am making new very positive steps in my recovery. In January aside from concluding this operation, I will also have this procedure repeated on the opposite side of my groin.

Plastic Arts: Esther Sabetpour in collaboration with Daniel Regan

It feels like some how I am re-claiming my body, the changes are making me aware of my levels of self confidence which fluctuates day to day and week to week. This photograph was in collaboration with friend and fellow photographer Daniel Regan, see more of his work here:


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