A master-key

I have been an English teacher and tour leader for 4 years, but translating is my passion.  When I translate a text I feel I have created something new. I like to use my education and skills to help people. I wish to be a master-key for all of the locked doors. I like all of the people from all around the world and I wish peace and calm for all of them. I am looking for a way to improve my English and am learning Arabic and French to communicate with a wider group of people. I like to travel yet I have no desire to immigrate.

Adella 2

I live with my family, because I’m single. It is a traditional custom that most of the young girls have to obey in towns. I hope my sweet dream comes true in the close future. Living in a warm home with a star shape water feature in the middle of yard surrounded by plants and colorful flowers. My bedroom looks out onto my garden. Every morning the suns rays slips into my eyes through the windows and wakes me up. I run to the garden, turn around and around and sing the song of hello sky/hello life ………. I invite you all to have a cup of love together. Long live……

Adeleh Yari

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