Connecting; artist and mother

Re-emerging as a mother and artist feels utterly conflicting at times. Yet it is this identity which gives me my sense of purpose. Allowing me to engage joyfully in life. Looking to begin life as the “artist mother”, I felt like; a tree with two distinct branches, stemming in opposite directions, from the main trunk. A beautiful vision, which felt impossible in my mind.

My two children ask “where are your clothes mummy ?”. Still. it’s heartening to see how they are interested in what “I do” as well as being “mummy”. For example “do i get paid”? Actually these are very important question’s. Thankfully, I do get paid, when I’m commissioned to do a shoot.

Making images using my unclothed body is a personal process. Through unveiling and peeling back layers, I experiment and explore my experiences. It feels therapeutic, either becoming a picture or constructing my own portrait. In this process, I welcome the ongoing transformation, which is occurring in my in day to day life . I am intuitively drawn to to self portraiture, which allows me to untangle or contemplate where I may be.

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