Elba Island

During my recovery, (summer 2012) I travelled with my dear friend Emma, to her family home in Elba – Italy. (A summer retreat we have continued to re-visit since university days). My friend and photographer (Emma Innocenti) assisted me with my self-portrait project there on the coast, by a disused mine. An image of me laying in the water there later became a centrefold in the spanish publication El Mundo magazine. with my story of accident and selected portraits.

Then I had a few days on my own unwind on the island and contemplate some of the lingering memories of the little village Rio Marina. It was here, on the bed, I took this self-portrait experiencing the present moment. A different type of portrait. Without reflection on my recent scars or the emotional damage of my past. Experiencing a simple sensuality, and bliss, within the moment. Noticing the feel of the delicate fabric passing over my skin. Not feeling tightness, itching or pain. Feeling fully alive in the warmth of the morning light.

(Self Portrait september 2012) On waking, Rio Marina, Elba, Italy.

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