A British Desert

I have continued to explore my response to deserted and desert places with my camera.

Recently I returned to re-edit a series of self portraits I took in the Iranian desert. My urge was to continue to explore the nature of this work locally and eventually using moving image.

Reading of what was described as a “British desert” online, I discovered it was only only two hours away from West London.

View facing the road – Dungeness

I set a date to visit the barren marshland of Dungeness, Kent – with a dear friend (also a photographer – Fi Rashid Backhouse). Signage on the marshland proclaimed it host to the largest pebble Beach in Europe. A unique nature reserve, for migratory birds – in the shadows of a huge power station.

Self portrait Dungeness

When I breathe desert air into my lungs or wander though quiet, mostly empty places I feel an invitation.

My self portraits are a sensual collaboration, as my inner and outer world vibrate and play.

I feel myself unfolding, sensing the edges of an inner landscape and open to magic taking place.

Here I feel embodied and free to respond to an authentic call.


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