Lost Resort

In march, I had my first experience in a holiday resort, near Hurghada, Egypt. Feeling exiled from local culture and people, in particular women (who were barely present) I was drawn to explore the locality with my camera.

View from Reemyvera bay, Hurghada 2022

I made these self portraits as a direct response to my feelings and this experience – in an abandoned holiday resort nearby our hotel.

Untitled Self portrait – Hurghada, Egypt

I found the Reemyvera resort and (man made) bay, adjacent to our hotel. I heard the hotel had been taken by the government because of bank debt, about 15 years ago. It was as if the resort had gone into a deep sleep and nature had begun to bleach and erode an aspect of each and every exposed surface. In the early morning, the foxes and large black and brown crows fearlessly ruled the undulating expanse of empty pools, waterslides and poolside kiosks. The Main Lobby looked liked it had been locked and left untouched ever since, furniture all in place, everything coated in a dusty grey haze.

View through window into main lobby, Reemyvera Hotel

A “holiday resort” provides an almost totally contained “safe” experience, a world within itself. It seemed designed to separate and generate a blue print for a “relaxing holiday”. The content holiday maker, may have no reason at all, to explore beyond the realm of the resort.

Untitled Self portrait – Hurghada, Egypt

For me It was perhaps a luxury, soul-less, confining container. Inspiration was born from within this boundary of frustration and guilt.

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