Photography, amnesia and returning to the site of the accident

Translation from the introduction to a recent story from El Mundo, Castellon 03 – 03 – 12 :
On the 8th of March Esther Sabetpour will return to the exact location where she lost consciousness to reconstruct the facts. So far the photographs served Esther intuitively, filling the blank spaces of her memory, but never actually allowed her to confront the past and clarify the strange circumstances in which she found her body. So Esther will return back to Spain determined to rebuild her story. “The camera will be my memory”.
I feel I have little connection to the actual context of my accident or the event it’s self due to amnesia. The amnesia stems from a brain Injury and the physical intensity of the trauma. Much of my photography is an illustration of my need to connect with the pain, isolation and displacement I experienced post the accident. Now I feel ready to explore this in the actual place I was at the time of the event/s. It is difficult to move forward without knowing why or how this happened.
I have a desire to move past this frustrating stage. Feeling in surreal and abstract place post a life changing accident is a confusing place indeed.


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  1. My best wishes go with you for this Thursday, may the trauma resident in the unseen scars find resolution. Just remember that “The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.” (opening lines from ‘The Go Between’ by L.P. Hartley).


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