Search – Self Portrait

08.03.12 Shaking my head I indicated that I recognized nothing about this place. I saw the eyes of the police man blink and blink again, time stood still, I shrugged my shoulders.

Continuing the drive orange groves flashed passed, one after another. My eyes followed the bright inciting trail of fallen fruit beneath the low trees, the air was warm and a feeling of tight anticipation lay in my belly.


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  1. I didn’t see you to start with.

    This image is an important statement. In it I feel you recognise the the search may not bear fruit and this part of your life may remain hidden and part of you wishes to hid too.

    There is tension in koan of your posture.


    • Ok! Great thats what I hoped. I want the emphasis to be on the orange grove. I took so many key images on the trip, yet Im not quite ready to show them. I think its helpful for me and the blog to provide some background and story regardless of how hard this may be. Your feedback is extremely helpful as I had not actually seen the fruit baring trees in this context! I think much of my true self is sadly hidden in my day to day lifestyle. Never the less do strive for my photography to convey as much as I can. I know realise that if I don’t present more of my hidden self in day to day life isolation may sadly prevail!
      Thankyou Esther

  2. You are very welcome

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